Jobs at Three Rings

Three Rings is currently hiring for these positions:

Why Join Three Rings?

  • Our games are cool and far from the 'whack-a-goblin' mainstream. Our focus is on creating fun games that expand what is meant by online games and the audience that plays them. We lub it that three generations of some families enjoy Puzzle Pirates together.
  • We work in small teams to make amazing things. That means a lot of autonomy and ownership.
  • We believe that good work gets done as part of a balanced life; Three Rings has never run in 'crunch mode'.
  • We have created a strange and wonderful office environment replete with goodies to eat. There's even a tentacle or two in case you get really hungry!
  • We are a studio in the SEGA family, whose strong backing and commitment to quality allows us to continue to create innovative and exciting online games.
  • We are committed to open-source. A large part of our game development libraries and other tools are available as open-source on Github and Google Code.
  • Did we mention, we go to work in a submarine!

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