Open Source Software

Herein ye can find code developed initially at Three Rings Design, but released to the wide world to be shared freely in the glorious enterprise of writin' software.

OOO Core Libraries

  • Narya, Nenya, Vilya, and Clyde: a collection of Java tools and frameworks useful for making games, 2D and 3D, networked and otherwise.
  • Getdown: a system for deploying Java-based applications and updating them over the network following installation.
  • Depot: a declarative Java object-relational mapping library that uses EJB3 annotations but is not managed like Hibernate and friends.
  • GWT Utils: a collection of utility and user interface routines that make developing games and applications in GWT more pleasant.
  • Honeybird: a library that makes interacting with the Google Analytics API more pleasant.

ActionScript Libraries

  • Aspirin: a collection of utility and user interface routines that make developing games and applications in Flash and ActionScript more pleasant.
  • Narya, Nenya, Vilya: most of our network game infrastructure is also available for Flash/ActionScript. Write your server in Java and your client in ActionScript or Java, or both!
  • Flashbang: a game framework for ActionScript (objects, resource management, audio, animations, tasks, etc.).
  • Yoga: a library of utilities for avatar manipulation in ActionScript.
  • Riposte: an ActionScript library that allows communication with a Narya-based server using stateless HTTP-based RPC instead of a persistent TCP connection. Useful for Facebook-style games.

Sysadminly Utilities

  • Splat : a daemon designed to help keep information in an LDAP directory in sync with information outside of an LDAP directory
  • Farbot : automates building of netinstall/PXE boot FreeBSD releases.
  • OpenVPN Auth-LDAP : implements username/password authentication via LDAP for OpenVPN 2.x. It also includes some integration with the OpenBSD packet filter, supporting adding and removing VPN clients from PF tables.

Outside Projects

We've also contributed features, code, and bug fixes to a number of projects, including:

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